Tuesday, September 20, 2011

July Meeting

 Our July meeting was held at Gaylene's home. She showed us a quilt that she thought would make a good donation quilt. She suggested we all pitch in a little bit of the Batik's that everybody received from Rula last month to make a Sudoku Puzzle quilt. We talked about it and decided that at our August meeting everybody was to come back with 9-4 1/2 inch squares all of the same color. Then we would exchange them and each person would make a block from a completed puzzle. Then the next month someone would finish the top. The month after that someone would sandwich, quilt, and bind it. When it is finished we would donate it to a charity. What a great idea.

Here are our Mercy Border Quilts. They are getting so big. This month we each got our own quilts back. We each decided what we wanted out next border to be. Some started over with new block and some made their quilts into a rectangle and some just made it bigger. They all look so cool.

 Nicole added a three strip border that she cut up and then sewed it back together in a staggered pattern.
 Karyli wanted her quilt to fit a twin size bed. So she needed to make it into a rectangle. She added mini-flying geese circle and plain squared to the top and the bottom to achieve this affect. Then she framed it all in blue solid.

 Shigae wanted her quilt to GROW. She added a very large plain denim border.
Nikki added a matching stripped border that someone else had already used. Then she attached a row of gigantic Ric-Rac. How cool!! 

Sheryl added some solid squares and stars. How cute. The purple in the squares is the same purple in the star on the boot.

Gaylene had felt that her Breast Cancer Awareness quilt had gotten large enough so she started another quilt. This one is going to be a very patriotic quilt. She has asked that we only use red, white, and blue fabric in any combinations.

Dawnel felt her quilt had reached the right size. Since the other quilt was for a boy she started one for a little girl. This block she also painted the picture on it.

Rula felt her quilt needed a checker board border. Then to stop the black and white she added the yellow with little red cherries asking that who every had it next to add red in the border. What a great idea.

Shannon loved the ticker tape look but did not want to work so long to add another round on it. But she still wanted the scrappy look. So she sewed small strips together until they were long enough to cut in a wavy pattern. She still added it by raw edge applique.

This quilt was started by a new gal, Donetta. She has been quilting for a long time. She started her block by doing the green and white triangle center then added the dark border to it. Then Mandy added  the blue border. Shigae then added the tan border. The ladies tried to get a bunch of borders added to help the ladies catch up a little.

This is the start of another quilt by a new member, Mandy. She is new to quilting but not sewing. She is excited to join us. She started off her block by doing the center block of red/white with Strawberry Shortcake. Then Shigae added the green. Donetta added the white with pink flowers. Shigae then add the small red border and the white and red check. Again as the same thing with Donetta's quilt the ladies just added a bunch of borders.