Tuesday, December 13, 2011

September Meeting

We had our September meeting at Donetta's house. She had yummy goodies for us. We discussed ideas for our Christmas party. We decided to do the White Elephant gift exchange again and then also to maybe do a 12 Day of Christmas exchange. We also talked about our next years projects. Did we want to do a block exchange or some kind of Block of the Month? We will keep chatting about our options.

Also Dawnel's son came to our meeting to talk with us about his Eagle Project that would be starting soon. He had decided to make 50 quilts for a nearby hospital. He talked about what he had in mind and if we would be able to help. Of course we said we would. What a great idea Connor!

Donetta added a sweet purple border to Dawnel's quilt.

Mandy added more denim with red corners and more flowers to Shigae's quilt. Look how big it is getting.
After some thinking Shigae has decided that her quilt is just the right size. So she started up a new quilt.

Karyli added a light thin border and then a bold plaid border to Sheryl's quilt. It looks great!

Gaylene added to Rula's quilt the black border. She also appliqued all of the fun patches. Cool idea Gaylene!

Nicole added a simple green print border to Karyli's quilt. It give the eyes a place to rest after the piano key border.

 Shannon added the two white and one blue border to Gaylene's quilt. Very patriotic!

Nikki added a soft purple border to Nicole's quilt. It is wonderful to see these three colors coming together nicely!

Dawnel continued on with the scrappy theme of Shannon's quilt. So colorful!

Shigae made a big border with cool corners on Nikki's quilt. Beautiful!!

Sheryl added the three thin outer borders to Donetta's quilt. Wonderful how the white frames it!

Rula added the pale yellow and red border to Mandy's quilt. So pretty!

Sherri had been a part f our group for a while. She has enough confidence now to start off a quilt. YEAH! She loves the looks of Batiks. How pretty!