Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm taking a 2 1/2 hr class on using the long arm quilter at Bluebirds this Wed. a.m. Anyone interested in joining me? Sheryl

Monday, March 14, 2011

March Post

We had our March meeting at Nikki's house. We had a few minutes to chat about out blocks. We are all so excited to see what each other has done. We jumped right in.

Karyli worked on Nicole's Block

Sheryl worked on Karyli's Block

Nikki worked on Shigae's Block

Nicole worked on Nikki's Block

Dawnel worked on Sheryl's Block

Shannon worked on Gaylene's Block

Shigae worked on Rula's Block

Shannon worked on Dawnel's Block

Gaylene worked on Shannon's Block

February Meeting

We had such a great time this month. We had a few minutes that we had a show and tell. Then we talked about our Mercy Border Quilt. Shigae showed us how to get crayon out of fabric if we need to. You use Goof Off. You put some on the back side of the fabric, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then rub gently with a clean white cloth until the crayon comes out. Then you can just wash it. Then I showed the ladies about this blog and how to post a comment. I hope that I helped. Here are our Mercy Border Quilt blocks.

Gaylene worked on Nicole's Block

Rula worked on Kayrli's Block

Dawnel worked on Shigae's Block

Shannon worked on Nikki's Block

Shigae worked on Sheryl's Block

Karylin worked on Gaylene's Block

Sheryl worked on Rula's Block

Nikki worked on Dawnel's Block
Nicole worked on Shannon's Block

I know this post is late. LOL!!