Thursday, January 6, 2011

What great quilt blocks. It is so wonderful that we have so many creative women in our little group.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Meeting

We just had our first meeting of this year. What a great group of gals. We have a new member, that brings us up to 9 members. We brought out 12 1/2" X 14 1/2" block. They are so cool.
Nikki with her modified 12 patch block.
 Karyli with her flying geese in a circle block.
 Shigae with her denim and 30's circle block.
 Nikki with her pretty fabric block.
 Sheryl with her appliqued boot block.
 Gaylene with her Breast Cancer Awareness block.
 Rula with her crazy Mary Engelbreit block.
 Dawnel with her painted baby block.
 Shannon with her ticker tape block.

Our goal is to come back in February having put a border on our blocks that we traded. It can be anywhere between 1" to 4" It can be pieced, solid, plain, or busy. A few gals brought fabric they would like used and the rest have left it totally up to the next person. Next month we will take pictures and then we will switch again.

Sheryl gave us some pointers on how to measure our blocks to make sure we get the right measurement. She also helped us to learn more about the difference between ironing and pressing. Great tips. It is always good to learn.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to our corner of the world!

Hello! Just like our info says we are a small group of ladies in a small town in Idaho. Some of us have been quilting for years and some of us have just started. We love quilting. We love to make quilts for our loved ones. We love all things fabric. Making things from Mug Rugs to lap blankets to queen size bedspreads. We started this little group a few months ago and have had a blast trying to get all the bugs worked out.

Our next meeting is tomorrow. It marks the start of a brand new beginning. In our meeting in December we decided on our project of the year. We have called it Mercy Border Quilt. We are sure you have heard of them. We are to show up tomorrow with out center block. We have decided to make it 12 1/2" X 14 1/2". Yup a rectangle. We did not want to end up with a square quilt. Then we switch our blocks around go home and add a border. This is where the word Mercy got into the name. We are at the "mercy" of the next person. We give them no instructions. They add what ever kind of border they want. Solid, patchy, fancy, plain, wide, or narrow. Crazy! We will all take turns working on each others quilts during the year.

We are so excited! We have a name finally. Parma Quilters Anonymous. We jokingly call ourselves PQA. We are not a part of Quilters Anonymous. We hope that by naming ourselves this that it does not cause any trouble. We simply think of quilting as an addiction like we are sure all of you can understand. If we have broken any laws we will promptly change our name.

Well since I hate posts with no pictures I will show you one of what our area looked like after a large and unusual snow storm. I will post more after our meeting tomorrow night.