Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here is the blog of a nice lady who works at Joann Fabric.  She is starting to recognize us!  Yay!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

August Meeting

August's meeting was at Rula's home. We had a great and crazy meeting. Lots of visiting. Rula had just remodeled her house and gave us a tour. Very nice!!  We handed in our Sudoku Squares but one of us was missing so we did not divide them and hand them back out. That will be done for the meeting in September.

One of our members that has been with us since the beginning but has not been able to come to the meetings was there that night, it was so good to see her, HELLO Sherry!! Karyli showed us how to make hexagons using the English Paper Piecing Method. She then handed out hexagons for all of us to keep.  
We passed our Mercy Border Quilts back to different people at the end of July's meeting so we each had someone else's quilt to work on. It was very fun after having our own quilts for a month.

Dawnel worked on Nicole's quilt. Look at all those diamonds. Plus pinwheels in the corners.
Shannon decided to add a piano key border around Karyl's quilt. She even had some of the same fabrics that had previously been used. She added solids and patterned fabric.

Karyli worked on Shigae's quilt. She added some left over piano pieces with some solid squares and made a very cheerful border.

Sheryl worked on Nikki's quilt. She added a small brown and orange border. Simple but beautiful.
Gaylene added a solid blue border with orange pinwheels in the four corners. It causes a nice "eye break" after the colors of the previous border.
Nikki had Gaylene's new patriotic block. She added a multi-colored border. It has little stars and strips, very fitting for this kind of quilt.

Nicole worked on Rula's quilt. She added the red just like she was asked. It is just perfect! She added cute little 9 patches on one end of each row.
Mandy added a cute pink ruffle. The 3D effect is very sweet. Then she added a pink with multi-colored polka dot border. This will be a great girl quilt.

Shigae felt Shannon's quilt needed some solids after all those crazy colors. She added red all the way around and two different colors for the sides and top and bottom. It matches the inner solid border.

Rula had Donetta's quilt. She added a zig-zag border. What a great border. It helps to bring out the white in the middle.

Donetta added onto Mandy's quilt a simple white on white border. In each corner she added some patchwork pink squares. This helps give the eye somewhere to rest after all the pinks.