Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 January

It is time to start all over. This year is going to be a little different. We have had a few members suggest taking this year off to work on UFO's. A UFO in quilting is an UnFinished Object, or an unfinished quilt. So we are going to make a personal list of things that are crafty related that we each would like done before the end of the year. We have left it open to sharing with the group or not to share this list. It is a year of no pressure. Well no group pressure at least. The challenge is to list and accomplish at least 12 things. 

We are also sharing our patterns. Each member that wanted to could bring a few patterns for wall hangings, bags, table runners, or anything you could make in a short time. These items are just for sharing. We can add them to our list or not. We can make one each month or none at all this year. No pressure. 

Also we are starting a Block Lotto. A pattern of a block will be given at the beginning of the quarter and for three months you can make as many or no blocks that you want. For each block you make your name goes into the hat to share the pot at the end of the quarter. Each winner will receive 12 blocks. It is a great way to get a bunch of blocks for less effort plus have a nice scrappy look to the finished quilt.

 After the Hope House in 2012 and the Charity Quilts we made last year we want to focus on making more charity quilts. We will continue to make the large quilts but we want to add smaller sizes.We want to fill a bigger need. 

One of the things our little town does every year is a town festival. We are talking about having a float in the parade and also either a quilt show or a booth. We have also been asked to participate in a period reenactment of a woman quilting. SO COOL!! Big stuff this year. We know it will be a great year.

Here a few show and tells.
A new member brought two quilts. 

Another new member made a quilt for her son. 

Glenda is making hats on a loom and brought one to show how fun they are.

Karyli made aprons for all of her family members. This is the one she made for herself. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sheryl's Rows

In no particular order. Here are some of the rows that were made for Sheryl. I will add a picture of the finished quilt when it is done. Sheryl asked everybody for patriotic rows. Anything goes so long at it reflected USA. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Nikki's Rows

In no particular order. Here are some of the rows that were made for Nikki. I will add a picture of the finished quilt when it is done. Nikki asked everybody for rows similar to Sheryl's, patriotic rows. Red, white, and blue. No gold.