Tuesday, March 13, 2012

October Meeting

Our October meeting was at Shigae's house. We had such a good time. We all learned about Pinterest there. What a fun site. Nicole taught us how to make Yo-Yo's with the Clover Yo-Yo Maker. What a fun little tool. 

Sherri added a small purple, large ruffled strip, and small purple borders to Dawnel's quilt. What a wonderful job!!

Sheryl added the blue border with the pink and blue pinwheels in the corners to Shigae's quilts. Wonderful fun 30's fabric.

Donetta put a wide brown border on Sheryl's quilt. It adds a great look to the quilt.

Sheryl then retired her boot quilt and started another one.

Karyli added only a top and a bottom to Rula's quilt. It helps to make the quilt longer. 

Shigae added three borders to Sherri's quilt. Very nice. We loved the pieced outer border.

Gaylene added a wonderful pieced border to Karyli's quilt. Look at all those triangles!

Shannon had Nicole's quilt. She made fun strips and squares.

Nicole added the red border to Gaylene's quilt. How patriotic! 

Mandy added a wide brown border to Donetta's quilt. Then she added a blue border with cute little flowers.

Rula added only a small brown border to Nikki's quilt. Nikki then decided to not add anymore borders.

Nikki added a white border to Shannon's quilt. Wow it is getting big!

Dawnel add a simple black and white border to Mandy's quilt. What a great effect it had on the look of the quilt.

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