Tuesday, March 13, 2012

November Meeting

We had our November meeting at Dawnel's house. Karyli taught us how to open the little bundle of fabric in the back of a four patch and iron it flat. It will make its own little four patch. By ironing it this way it will decrease the the bulk in the back. What a great trick. We talked about our Christmas party and what kind of things we wanted to do. We decided on a 12 Days for Christmas for those that wanted to sign up and a White Elephant Exchange for everybody. Shigae will be sending out emails for sign-ups. On Thursday the 10th those that can will be meeting to help Connor out with sorting the fabric that has been donated and to help make kits for his Eagle Scout Project. We are getting closer to have all of the blocks made for the Sudoku Quilt. We have decided to donate it to Connor. We also have a few new people who are going to join us, another Sherri and Mandy's mother, Margret, and Mandy's daughter also. Welcome ladies!
Nikki added a fun green border with pink and white in the middle of the strip to Mandy's quilt.

Mandy added to only one side of Sheryl's new quilt. Cute half square triangles.

Donetta added a matching blue border to Rula's quilt. Wow!

Sherri added a solid yellow border to Karyli's quilt. Karlyi decided not to have her quilt go around one more time. It is very long.
Nicole added a bright blue border to Sherri's quilt.

Gaylene put a multi colored pieced border on Donetta's quilt. She used all of the other colors that can be found in the quilt.

Karyli added a cute border to Nicole's quilt, squares at the top and thin side borders. Nicole decided that her quilt was big enough and will not be starting a new one.

Rula put a white border with colored squares on Shigae's quilt. Sweet.

Sheryl added three borders to Shannon's quilt, great colors. Shannon decided that her quilt was very large and that it did not need anything else added to it.

Shigae added a cute yellow and then a yellow/purple border to Dawnel's quilt.What a sweet baby girl blanket this is becoming.

Dawnel placed a red, white, and blue piano key border on Gaylene's quilt.

Because we are so close to the end of the year, Nikki decided not to start a new quilt. So Shannon did not work on any quilt this month.

October Meeting

Our October meeting was at Shigae's house. We had such a good time. We all learned about Pinterest there. What a fun site. Nicole taught us how to make Yo-Yo's with the Clover Yo-Yo Maker. What a fun little tool. 

Sherri added a small purple, large ruffled strip, and small purple borders to Dawnel's quilt. What a wonderful job!!

Sheryl added the blue border with the pink and blue pinwheels in the corners to Shigae's quilts. Wonderful fun 30's fabric.

Donetta put a wide brown border on Sheryl's quilt. It adds a great look to the quilt.

Sheryl then retired her boot quilt and started another one.

Karyli added only a top and a bottom to Rula's quilt. It helps to make the quilt longer. 

Shigae added three borders to Sherri's quilt. Very nice. We loved the pieced outer border.

Gaylene added a wonderful pieced border to Karyli's quilt. Look at all those triangles!

Shannon had Nicole's quilt. She made fun strips and squares.

Nicole added the red border to Gaylene's quilt. How patriotic! 

Mandy added a wide brown border to Donetta's quilt. Then she added a blue border with cute little flowers.

Rula added only a small brown border to Nikki's quilt. Nikki then decided to not add anymore borders.

Nikki added a white border to Shannon's quilt. Wow it is getting big!

Dawnel add a simple black and white border to Mandy's quilt. What a great effect it had on the look of the quilt.