Saturday, August 25, 2012

August Meeting

August meeting was a hard one. We lost a family member. Here is Dawnel's finished quilt. At the bottom you can see the family members all lined up. You can see the couple with their eight children. Mom you will be missed. 

Shannon has introduced a Hope House Quilt Along. We are going to be making a Plus Sign Quilt. All the members that signed up meet together to cut and swap squares. 

Here is an example of the blocks we are making as a group for a boy and a girl for Hope House. 

Shannon made two blocks for Rula then realized she made them wrong.
So She made two more the right way!

Nicole made a block for Dawnel.

Dawnel made a block for Nicole. 
As you can tell the pictures are not loading right, LOL!! 

Some of  the missing block pictures are for blocks that are the same pattern over and over again. Blocks for Shannon, Shigae, Sheryl, Karyli, and Gaylene. 

July Meeting

In our July meeting we got a few new members. Our youngest member yet and her mother. How exciting. Welcome Hali and Kathleen. We talked about our Hope House quilts. The church group has decided to not quilt the quilts but just to tie them. A few of us PQA members got together and helped Dawnel work her Count Your Blessings quilt for a family member so that she can enjoy it for a bit before she is called home. Here is the almost finished top. It is hard for us to work on this quilt for this reason but we know she will love it.

Gaylene made a block for Rula.

Nicole made a block for Sheryl.

Karyli made a block for Dawnel. Plus Dawnel made a few blocks for herself. 

June Meeting

June meeting was great. We started a few new activities. We started a Borrowing Library. Everybody that has a quilting related book or magazine can add it to the tote. Then if you want to borrow a book or magazine you "check it out" and bring it back next month. The other thing we started was BOTO, Bring One Take One. Each time it will be different. Those of us doing the Count Your Blessings quilt are having a fun time with Rula's clues. Nikki has decided that she is going to be leaving the group for a while. So we have decided that we are going to make blocks for her like we did for Donetta. Rula has announced a sew/craft day that she is hosting at the our church. The day and time is set and everybody has been invited. Bring your stuff and work as long as you want and leave when you want. Sounds like fun. Gaylene is hosting a "Flip Flop Quilt" drawing. She provided a pattern for the flip flops and another little shape. The idea is that if you want to donate a set of flip flops your name will go into the drawing for that finished quilt. If she has enough for two quilts she will make a second one. It has been announced in our church that we as a ward will be making a donating 68 quilts for Hope House. I place for children to go that need a good home. Go check out the website. Of course we as a quilt group will also be working on donating a few quilts also. We have decided on one boy quilt in red, blue, and cream. Also a  girl quilt in black, white, and one bright color square. All blocks will be 9 patches. Quick and simple. 

Rula showed us her Halloween Jar quilt. It is so fun. She loves Halloween so what better then to place all that goodness into jars!

 Nicole made Karyli's block.

 Gaylene made Sheryl's block.

Karyli made a block for Shigae.

Sheryl made a block for Dawnel.

Shigae made a block for Shannon. But not just one but 12!!

Rula help Gaylene with her block and they figured out an easier way to make it. 

Shannon made two blocks for Nicole.

May Meeting

We had such a good time at May's meeting. Gaylene is making good headway on her Double Delight quilt.

 Karyli made this block for Sheryl.

Dawnel made a block for Shigae.

Dawnel received two blocks this month. One from Rula and one from Gaylene.

Shannon made this block for Karyli. 

Gaylene made this block for Nicole.

Nicole made this block for Shannon.

Shigae had so much fun with Rula's fabric that she made her four blocks. 

April Meeting

April's meeting was a fun simple meeting. 

This is a T-shirt quilt that Rula made. It is huge!! 

Sheryl brought her finished Mercy Border Quilt from the year before. It is so pretty!!

Shigae made a block for Sheryl.

Shannon made a block for Donetta.

Nicole made a block for Shigae.

Dawnel made a block for Nikki.

Sheryl made this block for Rula.

Rula made this block for Karyli.

Karyli made this block for Shannon.

Last month with Donetta leaving our assignment was for each member to make her more blocks. These are the blocks we received. 

Thank you ladies for stepping in and helping out a fellow quilter. We will miss you Donetta.